More winter trees

Is anyone in the USA going to look at my blog today? I don’t have standard TV and don’t watch much football, but I tuned into a Super Bowl channel in Twitter so I can follow along. However, the stream is moving so fast it’s a blur, making it a tad difficult to read.

I was really pleased by how these shots came out. I hope you like them too.



Have a great Sunday or Monday as the case may be.

I’m back, back in the DSLR…

I did it. I pulled out my DSLR and took it with me on my walk. I haven’t touched it since our trip. I’ve relied so heavily on the Panasonic DMC-ZS40. The Panasonic is a great camera, every picture comes out, it has something like an 80x zoom, and is small. Everything about it is first rate, so I was wondering what the point is of using the DSLR.

Well, I also took the Panasonic on my walk today, and so I can compare pictures. The power zoom is something I use massively on the little Panasonic, to frame the photo, cut out people or power and phone lines and houses. But taking the pictures side-by-side has allowed me to see the difference. The hues on the DSLR are better. Although, to be fair, I may need to make some adjustments to the Panasonic. I’ll work on that, but meantime, I had some fun with both cameras today.

I’ve done this before, comparing the photos from the two cameras side-by-side, but I still think it’s fun. I’d love to know what you think, so let me know which ones you like better.


I was enthralled by the stark winter beauty.


I spotted this little birdhouse in the tree! I never would have known it was there if I hadn’t been nosing around with my cameras.

Panasonic with post processing (darkened it a bit)