Arrive at 11 AM, park in furthest lot from the lifts:

Getting ready... say goodbye to dog

Temps cold enough to allow snow to act as sign board:



First run, trees on Red Dog. Pep talk to self: It’s okay to be afraid as long as you keep your hands forward.

Tree run

Second run, Siberia. Must pause for photos.

View from Top of Siberia

Top of Siberia

Too cold! Head to Solitude. Ahhh…



Time for lunch! Greek salad plus tasty brown ale at Fireside Pizza:


Back to Solitude for final runs.

Solitude to Headwall Solitude 3

Take transport lift over terrain park. Observe fun being had.

Fun was had by all

Mountain Run, what the crowded parking lot looks like on the slopes:

What the crowded parking looks like on the slopes

Achilles’ weak point was his heal. For me, it’s my toe after too many days pounding bumps:

Scrunched toe

But, no complaints. Don’t want to flunk retirement.

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