That would be great unless the government won’t let you live anywhere else because doing so would wreck the charm for tourists.

Hello, mysterious place,

VietnamCambodia 207

VietnamCambodia 208

VietnamCambodia 194

VietnamCambodia 205

VietnamCambodia 185

Good morning, interesting people,

VietnamCambodia 189

VietnamCambodia 190VietnamCambodia 188 VietnamCambodia 187   VietnamCambodia 195 VietnamCambodia 199 VietnamCambodia 184VietnamCambodia 183VietnamCambodia 201

Goodbye, beautiful jail,

VietnamCambodia 192

VietnamCambodia 202VietnamCambodia 203

Hello, open water.VietnamCambodia 206

8 thoughts on “What if Halong Bay were your living room? Vietnam

  1. This place is just amazing. Living on the boats brings all manner of questions: Can you swim in that water without getting eaten by piranha or sharks? Where do they get food? Where is the bathroom? Where do I plug in my laptop? And how do they sleep without a door to lock? Opens up new vistas, doesn’t it?


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