11 thoughts on “Flowers (and a plant) from Bali

      1. Back to SD and to work today, Nia. It was our second time in Seattle and first time in Victoria. We love both cities. SF is another place that excites me. Hope you are having nice and productive days in AU. Take dear friend! PS: I am ready to read other stories/material by a wonderful writer whose initials are NS. 🙂 All the best to both of you! 🙂 Fabio

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      2. I love Seattle, too. I have never been to Victoria but I heard it’s wonderful. I love San Francisco. I lived there quite a while. It’s very special.

        Thank you for looking forward to more books. I’m about to finish editing the last of John Holland’s series of Aussie outback novellas, then I’m going to publish a short story. It might have to be under AM though, because Nia Simone competes poorly in search engines against Nina Simone! So I might need to start working on that Antonia Moran pen name. In any case, I will have to make a decision about that soon!! Thanks, and enjoy lovely San Diego. 😀

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      3. Thanks so much, Nia! Nia is a beautiful short name. AS is a great name, too. It will not be an easy decision for you, but, in the end, you will do well, as always. There are some writers with first name of Antonia, but only one shown at amazon.com. I like Antonia Simone! You must be busy working with John and the job of editing his books must be very exciting. Enjoy everything! Take care, 🙂 Fabio

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      4. Thanks, Fabio! I’ve decided to go with Antonia Moran as my new writing name, like I have on that other blog, because I’ll be writing some kids books now and don’t want kids looking for a book by me to stumble on The Last Straw, which has adult content. I’ll write some adult books too, as Antonia Moran, but none with content that would be a problem for a kid to read.

        I had to sort this all out as I’ve been invited onto The Newbie Writer’s Podcast on Saturday and had to figure this out. The Podcast is produced by another Australian/American collaborative team!

        You are right, I’m very excited to be editing John’s books because I really enjoy his writing and think it has wonderful meaning. The last one in the series that I’m working on now is a kids or adult book about a 10 year old who has to survive in the outback after he survives a plane crash. It will be out in a day or two. 😀

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      5. Antonia Moran is also a good name! Glad that you are making your decisions with so much thought! But it is not a surprise for me. In your texts we can see a lot of reasoning and analysis! A writer, in my opinion, is a mixture of a philosopher, an attorney, a priest/rabbi, and an artist as well. To write, to edit, it is not an easy task! In Victoria we had a chance to visit Alice Munro’s bookstore. Canada still has some independent bookstores, as you know. It is a pleasure to visit them. Keep up the good work with our Aussie fellas! Looking forward to reading what you are currently putting together! 🙂

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