Note: This blog post has links to books intended for audiences aged 18 years or older. It also has suggestive book cover photos. 

Anais Nin and Colette were this author’s big thrill in her early 20s. Plucking Colette off a bookcase in the basement of the famous City Lights Bookstore  ( in San Francisco, flipping through the pages, wondering how authors dared to write like that!

Erotic romance differs from Erotica. Erotica doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending. Erotic romance does. And a complete story line.

Marie Tuhart is a great introduction to this sub-genre. Her work is also awesome for readers who are already fans of this area of literature. These books are quite popular, meeting with very positive reviews.

Recommended reading order:

In Plain Sight


Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready

RopedAndReady_w5490_680 (1)

Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up


His For the Weekend


Hooked Up At The Wedding


Hooked Up The Game Plan

HUATG_1200 (1)

Author website:

3 thoughts on “Erotic romance, the real deal… book (multiple) review, Marie Tuhart

  1. Loved every single one of these stories. 🙂 Marie Tuhart’s heroes are winners. Sexy, demanding, strong, ready to do anything for the women they love.


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