On the way to the New York Museum of Modern Art, walking through the breezeway of a modern office building:

Day4 007

Then… the MOMA:

Cezanne. He made the air in the background look moist and the pine needles sparkle with subtle light.

Day 4 Pines and Rocks
Paul Cezanne, Pines and Rocks, (c. 1897)

Flashback to a spot and a photo in Alpine Meadows, California:

Town of Alpine Thru Trees

Recognize Munch across the gallery.

Day4 Storm
Edvard Munch, The Storm (1893)

It’s incredibly difficult to paint leaves with the randomness of nature. The best thing about trying things out as a total amateur is the appreciation it gives you for the masters:

Day4 The Park
Gustaz Klimp, The Park (1910 or earlier)

Watching others captivated by the same painting adds to the enjoyment.

Day 4 The Piano Lesson
Henri Matisse, The Piano Lesson (1916)

A Pierre Bonnard, a favorite painter, he never had just a plain old wall. Look at the complexity.

Day4 Bonnard

In the final gallery there is this fun, whimsical sculpture:

Day4 014
Max Ernst, Lunar Asparagus (painted bronze, 1935)

Wow, a favorite Picasso!

Day4 Picasso Girl Looking in a Mirror
Pablo Picasso, Girl Before a Mirror (1903)

This display of videos shows every minute of the artist’s last year of life, showing the mundane and lonely nature of his existence (according to the description on the wall).

Day4 017

In the same gallery, hangs this beautiful, interesting piece:

Day4 Giant
Mark Bradford, Giant (2007)

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