Arriving at the gondola, is this for real?

VietnamCambodia 222

Apparently, yes:

VietnamCambodia 223

What an amazing way to see the rich agricultural environment:

VietnamCambodia 233

VietnamCambodia 227 VietnamCambodia 228 VietnamCambodia 230

And the rich spiritual environment at the Zen temple on the other side:

VietnamCambodia 246 VietnamCambodia 235 VietnamCambodia 236 VietnamCambodia 237 VietnamCambodia 238 VietnamCambodia 239 VietnamCambodia 240 VietnamCambodia 244 VietnamCambodia 245

Observe a little detail:

VietnamCambodia 241

Admire the flowers:

VietnamCambodia 243

Marvel at a perpetually spinning ball:

VietnamCambodia 247

2 thoughts on “Soar through the sky and absorb tranquility in Dalat Vietnam

  1. I’m entranced by the architecture (maybe a missed calling?) and those gardens put my yard to shame. Puts Vietnam in another light as someone growing up during that war that divided our country.


    1. I’m so glad I could share it with you. Vietnam works hard to accommmodate returning American Vietnam Vets, you just tell them you are one and you get special treatment. Vets go back a lot to visit where they were and lost friends during those awful time and the Vietnamese have preserved these places, provide tours, and are very welcoming. There’s a lot of healing and a lot of pride.


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