Re-watching Lara Croft recalls experience of Ta Prohm:

VietnamCambodia 083 VietnamCambodia 084

No magical children or butterflies, just tourists:

VietnamCambodia 086

VietnamCambodia 114

VietnamCambodia 115

VietnamCambodia 114

But stillness in a stone clearing in the heart of the jungle:

VietnamCambodia 116

Gentle jungle sounds and scents:

VietnamCambodia 085

Thank you, tourist, you’re so nice to duck, you are left in the picture to show courtesy:

VietnamCambodia 099

Glorious ruins:

VietnamCambodia 095

Modern scaffold suspends collapse:

VietnamCambodia 120

Root frames:

VietnamCambodia 102 VietnamCambodia 100 VietnamCambodia 101

Temple for lunch:

VietnamCambodia 088 VietnamCambodia 112 VietnamCambodia 113

Spiritual carvings:

VietnamCambodia 117 VietnamCambodia 109 VietnamCambodia 111


VietnamCambodia 097 VietnamCambodia 092 VietnamCambodia 093

The sky:

VietnamCambodia 108

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