Arrive at the limestone caves:

VietnamCambodia 150

Tour caves so vast even the slightly claustrophobic are comfortable:

VietnamCambodia 151

VietnamCambodia 152VietnamCambodia 160

VietnamCambodia 157

Learn the difference between stalactites (the mineral drippings suspended from the ceiling):

VietnamCambodia 154

VietnamCambodia 155

VietnamCambodia 158

And stalagmites (deposits rising off the floor, built up from ceiling drips):

VietnamCambodia 161

Tour guides delight in showing things like this stalagmite (not what they call it) to tourists, shining lights on it to be sure no one can miss the reference:

VietnamCambodia 156

Now see them everywhere:

VietnamCambodia 157

Soldiers hiding here left their mark:

VietnamCambodia 159

Emerge back into the sunlight high above Halong Bay with all the tourist boats and some locals’ homes:

VietnamCambodia 162

Walk “home” to your boat:

VietnamCambodia 165

6 thoughts on “Go deep into Vietnam, Hang Sung Sot cave, Halong Bay

  1. Love your photos, Nia. You have a gift as a photographer. And the snapshot of the bay is AWESOME.



    1. Wow, thank you! I am starting to take photography more seriously, thanks to blogging and the positive feedback, and learning from others’ blogs. Today, I pulled out my SLR and started reading the instructions, took a few shots with it too.


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