Nia Simone, fashion klutz. But from this fantastic blogger, Justin, at Mr. Walk and Talk, inspiration to try some layers and actually not wearing a jean jacket with jeans, results in a slightly better look than usual today.

Hint: do not take photos in front of a white screen. Thought it was a great idea. It’s not.


Pair of shoes, old, but actually the one thing that wasn’t cheap… er…inexpensive.
Jeans: JC Penney Juniors department. A few years ago.
Sweater: Newport News, out of business. Sweater has been through a hot dryer one too many times.
Shirt: Ralph Lauren, from Ross.
Purse: Baggalini City Bag. I have 4 of these, 2 black, 2 red. Red in the winter, black in the summer. When one is dirty, throw it in the washing machine and use the other one.

Seriously, do check out Justin’s blog. He is inspiring.

7 thoughts on “Blogisphere appreciation day for Mr. Walk and Talk

    1. Oh, Averil, that’s so great! You can order Baggalini’s online. That’s what I did. Or, if you are on a budget, you can have my spare one. I’ll mail it to you.


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