This marble sculpture of a figure depicts the goddess, Nike, on the prow of a ship. It stands on a staircase landing in the Louvre, beneath a skylight. The flowing drapery exemplifies one of the key distinguishing features of Hellenistic Art (early second century B.C. (190 – 200 B.C.)).


Victory of Samothrace sign


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11 thoughts on “Sculpture of Paris series, 1: Victory of Samothrace

  1. This is a powerful work. Possibly made even more powerful by its lack of all parts. But it would be great to see the complete statue as it was intended to be seen.


      1. I took 1600 photos on my trip, between Paris and Amsterdam. My husband says that’s 1 photo every 6 minutes, 8 hours a day, which just about describes it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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