This brewery is really fun if you like beer. They have small sample sizes and many choices. I tried samples from the dark varieties.


It’s a popular place for bachelor parties and bachelorettes too. There are party buses that bring in big groups.

P1070347Back at the beach we find evidence of multiple species enjoying the sand.


After our walk, we are treated to some delicious flavored water.



9 thoughts on “San Diego beer, sand, and water

  1. Going well Nia, now you just need to work on your focusing, Your camera has these options, via the back screen.
    •Manual Focus: When it is difficult to get the proper focus in auto focus mode, you can adjust the focus manually.
    •AF (Auto focus) Mode: You can select between 4 modes.
    Single-Shot AF: This mode is used when shooting a motionless subject
    ◦Continuous AF: This mode is used when the subject is in motion.
    ◦Automatic AF: This mode automatically switches between single-shot AF and continuous AF depending on the subject’s motion.

    So if you’re shooting portraits or still life use single shot AF, the bus pic would have been better with Continuous AF to pick up the passenger walking. You could have upped the exposure time to about 1/100 with the amount of light around. The quicker the exposure time the better chance of stopping movement. Remember with your exposure if you want to catch movement and you’re using say, 200mm focal length, then your exposure time should be at least 1/200 sec. 500mm-1/500 sec. etc. Then if there’s not enough light then you can up the ISO a little. It’s all practice – practice. Gives one a headache. 🙂

    I love the footprints on the sand. The fruity water is good, so are the others because you are experimenting.


      1. I might try that myself come Summer again. I like cucumber sprinkled with salt on sandwiches. What can I say? I’m strange like that lol


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