Leanne Cole did a great video on how to add textures to your photos. However, I have to leave my art self-education efforts out of my daily agenda right now.

While I don’t get to draw, paint and do photo enhancement at the moment, the concept of texture and shape has been on my mind for a while and a few items have entered my photo collection. There’s some texture but it wasn’t added, it was just there. Really what I’ve been thinking about doing is turning these into canvases, something I invented in Corel Painter Essentials. I will show some examples sometime.

A shell (white balance and color enhanced in GIMP):

Spiral 001 Spiral 002

This is a drain in the Champs de Mars park (where the Eiffel Tower is) in Paris. Decided to leave the photographer’s sneakers in there for a little more texture. 😉


This is a Nothing Bundt Cake, white chocolate and blueberry:

P1050101 P1050102

Yes, it was good!

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