I’ve found it challenging to capture the colors in the sky with my little camera. They wash out. Usually I have to post process to get them back. Last night, I took several shots and for some reason this one turned out. I did not process it and this is what the sky looked like.Smoky sunset


I’m finally getting ready to graduate from my little point and click. I’m breaking out the DSLR and tripod and reading the manual soon. I guess I’ll get a backpack to tote it all around in. Not such a big deal, after all.

5 thoughts on “Smoky sunset, Alpine Meadows

      1. Maybe we can experiment when you are here, I am hoping that on the day we travel to the coast we might get to the apostles around sunset, or it will happen on the way back, we can stop and experiment, then you can see first hand.


    1. Great! I was going to suggest that too. I read up once on how to set up white balance on the camera but it had something to do with taking a picture of a white wall, which wouldn’t work when out and about. But I will do more reading.


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