Several people ran outside yesterday to take pictures. The amazing lighting and sky lasted for hours. There was a blue cast to all the trees that have smooth bark and to the granite. These photos are not enhanced except where noted.

Trees and granite
Trees and granite, looking west
Trees and sky
Trees and sky, southwest
Blue trees enhanced
Blue trees enhanced, southeast
Blue trees 2
Blue trees, southeast
Blue tree 1
Blue tree, south
Sky and condos 2
Sky and condos, looking east

Looking NorthLooking north

4 thoughts on “After the storm, Alpine Meadows

    1. Hi Leanne,

      I’m not sure. I ddin’t think so because the smoke hadn’t arrived yet from the fires, on that day and there was an intense and I mean INTENSE downpour that would seem to have washed away the smoke. However, there might have been some in the atmosphere to give everything that blue glow.

      Yes, the fire near Yosemite (The Rim Fire) is more than a brush fire. It is a huge disaster, fourth largest in history. I don’t think anyone died, though, and they’ve almost controlled it, thankfully.


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