If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m going to start using a tripod for my museum photos with a goal of doing a lot better job for you. But check out this magnificent painting at the Rijks:


When I was in Amsterdam, I spent a lot of time on the houseboat doing digital painting (using a Bamboo digitizer and the Corel Painting Essentials software that came with it.) Here are the window I gazed out at from the dining room where I worked, my notes on the RGB numbers for the painting I was working on and the life drawing pose from the e-book of poses I bought.

My day of painting my view My day of painting notes on colors My day of painting May 16 2013

Painting, digital or otherwise is what I would call very difficult. (In the department of understatement, that.) I’ve abandoned all hope but my friends gave me a very unique suggestion that I never would have thought of on my own. Do art and piano as a way to relax, have fun and creatively rejuvenate. Instead of having goals. Wow. Okay, after hearing this alternative approach, I must admit, I’m excited to start fiddling around with these things again. I don’t have to achieve anything; I can just enjoy myself.

Here’s an example from a grand master. Check out the eye in this closeup of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.

The Night Watch detail
The Night Watch detail

I answered questions 15 – 18 today at Long and Short Reviews. What is something you’ve lied about? What are 4 things you couldn’t live without? Which mythological creature are you most like? Create an ice cream flavor. What’s it called? Have fun, and good luck with the raffle!

Participant banner 200 2013 Anniversary copy


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