This place, once owned by a woman named Rosie, serves wonderful comfort food, has great drinks and serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Before it was Rosie’s, it was a bar called The Hearthstone.

Rosies in Tahoe City

It’s right on the lake. I took this photo from the steps. I cropped out the road and cars in the foreground but otherwise the photo is not enhanced.


Speaking of steps, check out this plaque on Rosie’s:

On This Date

I hope some day you get to stand on those steps youself, if you haven’t already.

Rosie decorated the whole restaurant with a lot of antiques that she collected from little farm houses and antique shops around the country.

Antique skis

Antique bikes

Check out what they use for pulleys on the door:

Door pulleys

And here’s the view from the table at twilight. (Also has no post processing.)

Twilight from the table

I didn’t photograph the food, but it was great. They offer mostly comfort food (fried chicken, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, pot roast) but also light fare (edamame, artichoke hearts, veggie stirfry). I had their  their Bloody Mary and my hubby had the Ultimate Pain Killer. For details on drinks:

And on the food:

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