As I said yesterday, through my daily blog I discovered or re-discovered my enjoyment of the arts. In looking back I discovered that I seek out art when I’m traveling.

New York is a gold mine for art. 

Day 18 072 FF Day 18 070 EE Day 18 068 DD Day 18 062 AA Day 18 044 V Day 18 040 U Day 18 027 P Day 18 014 I Day 18 013 H Day 18 005 C Day 18 003 A

Paris is amazing:

Sculpture by Cezanne outside Louvre Cathedral de Notre Dame Bust at the time of Venus de Milo Feature Venus de Milo Ain Ghazal

And Amsterdam is heaven for art lovers, too:

I didn’t go inside any museums in Australia. I would like to do that some day, but I didn’t need to go inside to find art there:

Tomorrow is new year’s eve in the United States and I’ll do my final post of the year about the people I’ve met through blogging and what I’ve learned from others through blogging.

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