We enjoyed a gorgeous day in San Francisco on Friday. I used to live there, but I didn’t feel like doing local things. I wanted to be near the wharf and I was longing for a loaf of San Francisco sourdough bread. We found a funky restaurant upstairs at Pier 39 with an outdoor area that was one long narrow table along the porch. We had garlic fries and onion rings, beer and lemon drops (respectively), and people watched. As an aside, it was a total junk food day for me but I managed to keep it vegetarian! Breakfast was an asiago cheddar pretzel at Starbucks. Lunch was fries, rings and lemon drops, and dinner was sourdough and butter.

We were allowed to sit as long as we wanted, no pressure. I was amazed to find this spot at such a tourist trap area. My hubby spotted it. It was called The Eagle Cafe. Here are views from our table:


We thought this seagull wanted a ride out to where the fish are, but once the ferry pulled out of the marina, he left his post and found another high spot. He just wanted to be up high.


Here’s the view from the entry to the cafe:


The sunset over the city was gorgeous as we drove out. It’s hard to get photos from a speeding car, but I did my best for you:




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