Our daily walk takes me by people’s fabulous gardens. I stand on the street near their flowers with my camera, clicking away! One lady came out of her house and looked startled, but then it’s like… well I guess it’s okay. I’m not on their property and I’m just “taking” a picture… so it’s not really theft, is it? I don’t take any pictures that reveal location. But it is a little bizarre, I guess.

Okay, I don’t think the rule of thirds applies to macros. More landscapes and maybe portraits? Well… here is one where I tried it:


Maybe it didn’t do much for me because there’s nothing but green blur on the right. I noticed my earlier picture, which was a big hit, did use the Ro3:


Of course, the Bird of Paradise flower lends itself to the Ro3.

Here’s another one where I tried it. I do like the composition. Maybe Ro3 can be used on macros!


I definitely think the Ro3 improved what would have looked like a mass of flowers if I’d centered the camera right on the bush. I’m feeling a little encouraged about all of this!

SONY DSCI cropped this next one into shape. It’s okay, but doesn’t thrill me.

SONY DSCWith this next one, it’s not Ro3, but I think it’s nice how the rose buds march up the plane of the photo:

SONY DSCI’d like to thank my friend, Laurie, for pushing me to get my photos posted. I missed my post yesterday. I really appreciate having friends in the blogosphere who care! It feels great. Thank you, Laurie!

And now I’m dashing off for a meeting. The writing life is a bit hectic at the moment. In a good way, but still! Have a good one, blog friends.


11 thoughts on “Garden extravaganza and pondering composition

  1. You’re very welcome Nia.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about people being startled about you taking pictures of their plants. Tell them to go online and put their address into Google earth, then they’ll see a lovely street view of their property. Look I guess if someone gets niggly there are always better gardens to photograph. Anything that’s in public view is fair game, unless it’s a military base or something similar. I don’t think you have to worry about Ro3’s all the time, especially with macro. Sometimes you have to throw the rules out and do what you think looks good. The pic of the flowers in front of the bush is good because you’re drawn to the flowers in the bottom left first. I like to take a full on picture of a mass of different coloured flowers, then you can crop whichever way you want then. The yellow rose is a great pic but would have looked more impressive centred or with the background blurred. Love the Bird of Paradise and the bottom rosebuds. A great show Nia.


      1. I wasn’t sure if you wanted feedback but I’ve never been reticent about putting my 10 cents worth in, nicely of course. It’s good to be edgy with photos at times Nia, it’s surprising what turns up. I’ve done my pics for next Friday already and there are a couple of interesting ones there. -)


      2. I’ll give some constructive feedback then Nia, you’re doing okay you know. See you Friday. XD


      1. It took me a long time to get the camera off auto. My biggest problem is working out the apertures though. I’m right with ISO and shutter speed but aperture gets me every time. lol


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