Garden extravaganza and pondering composition

Our daily walk takes me by people’s fabulous gardens. I stand on the street near their flowers with my camera, clicking away! One lady came out of her house and looked startled, but then it’s like… well I guess it’s okay. I’m not on their property and I’m just “taking” a picture… so it’s not really theft, is it? I don’t take any pictures that reveal location. But it is a little bizarre, I guess.

Okay, I don’t think the rule of thirds applies to macros. More landscapes and maybe portraits? Well… here is one where I tried it:


Maybe it didn’t do much for me because there’s nothing but green blur on the right. I noticed my earlier picture, which was a big hit, did use the Ro3:


Of course, the Bird of Paradise flower lends itself to the Ro3.

Here’s another one where I tried it. I do like the composition. Maybe Ro3 can be used on macros!


I definitely think the Ro3 improved what would have looked like a mass of flowers if I’d centered the camera right on the bush. I’m feeling a little encouraged about all of this!

SONY DSCI cropped this next one into shape. It’s okay, but doesn’t thrill me.

SONY DSCWith this next one, it’s not Ro3, but I think it’s nice how the rose buds march up the plane of the photo:

SONY DSCI’d like to thank my friend, Laurie, for pushing me to get my photos posted. I missed my post yesterday. I really appreciate having friends in the blogosphere who care! It feels great. Thank you, Laurie!

And now I’m dashing off for a meeting. The writing life is a bit hectic at the moment. In a good way, but still! Have a good one, blog friends.