On the way back after our overnight, the nature guide explained that it’s really difficult to appreciate the scale of the mountains. He was taking us toward an indentation at the bottom of one of the mountains, and he said when we arrived, the prow of the ship would fit below the cave. That seemed impossible because the cavern looked tiny from a distance, compared to the mountain above it. But sure enough, when we pulled up to the cavern, the prow was smaller, and it was a big ship.

We were having really good luck with the waterfalls because of all the rain. The water that comes down the mountains through the rain forest is naturally filtered by the moss and safe to drink. More than safe, the water is pure. The nature guide actually collected the water and we drank it! It was cold and fresh. It wasn’t bubbly, though! The moss does not accomplish that.


7 thoughts on “Doubtful Sound…more beauty

      1. Have a safe trip back home and enjoy the presentation tomorrow. As I don’t do Trick or Treat any longer ( 🙂 ), I bought some chocolates and I am having a party this evening … 🙂 There is an excellent box of chocolate praline being sold at IKEA (I think that the name is Paradies – a yellow box). Excellent chocolates (made in Sweden), 0.5 kg for just $10. A real bargain! Take care and you and your husband have a great weekend! Hugs to both of you! 🙂


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