I don’t make many predictions, I really don’t have any idea, I just kind of go along, but I have this one thought to share. And that is that once print on demand (POD) books come down in price to match mass market, things will change. I don’t know how exactly, but mass market prices for POD books would seem to have many repercussions. Independently published authors like myself for now (meaning independent of the big publishing houses) get their books into print by using POD.

My 2015 prediction is that prices of POD will start to come down in 2015.

What do you think? How do you think it would impact traditional publishing if you could make any book equivalent in price to a paperback on a rack in the grocery-store line?

The panorama picture below shows people enjoying the very long covered walkway in The Temple of Heaven park in Beijing. People were out in droves playing games with their friends. I loved the idea of getting together with friends and playing games like this. What a wonderful lifestyle. Very healthy for the mind, body and spirit. And such a peaceful scene.

Temple of Heaven park
Temple of Heaven park

Have a peaceful weekend with your friends and family.

8 thoughts on “A prediction for publishing, and The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

    1. WOW!!!!! Thank you for that link, Fabio!!!

      I agree, that what you said is one of the likely benefits. Can you imagine being able to build a paperback collection like the ones we used to be able to do, but of any author on the planet? It will further “atomize” the market. That’s a term I made up because I don’t know the right term, but the digital model has tended to segment everything on the planet down to the smallest discrete particle. There will always hopefully be more people than writers, but maybe not! We could all start reading each other. In fact, we already have, come to think of it! On blogs, and Twitter, and so on, but now we can do it in novels, short stories, poems, and literary forms yet-to-be-invented, and have them in paperback, if so desired. (The greatest number of books sold still is print, despite the hype, which is why I’m taking to the streets to do a book tour with my books. I want to do one in San Diego. If I do, I hope you’ll come!)

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      1. Thanks so much, Nia, for your great response! Please count on me if you need help to organize a book tour in San Diego. And yes, I will be present, which will be an honor for me! You are starting 2015 at full force! No surprise, because you kept a fast pace the entire 2014! Take care! 🙂

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  1. What an interesting thought. Actually, I am thinking that this year I will publish an e-book of some of my blog posts to see how it goes. Sort of test the waters type of thing. I’ve been looking into Smashwords for that. So many things to do, yet so few hours in the day. 🙂

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