Happy Sunday evening! Today I was busy talking to people about Love Caters All and Left of the Rising Sun and signing a few copies for people, too.

Tonight, I had to dig into my treasure trove to find a photo before I completely missed the day.

This is a view facing the other direction from Lake Tahoe, from the top of Alpine Meadows. You can see how all the snow I was showing before is only on some of the more north-facing slopes. Point the camera in the other direction, and you see these mountains already looking like summer.


The snow pack in the Sierras is at 18% of normal. The snow pack is the main reservoir for water in California and Reno, Nevada. What are we doing to deal with the lack of rain? There are water-use restrictions in California for households and for agriculture. We’ve rid our property of most of our grass. Some of it came back with the rains, because we haven’t covered that area with mulch yet. The rest is covered by mulch, but the hardy weed grass is coming through. I have been pulling that out by hand. I need to get back to work on that job. Pulling weeds is a lot of work!

All of this discussion has made me thirsty. Time for some water and resuming my relaxing Sunday. I’m reading The Princess of Las Pulgas, an excellent young adult novel by C. Lee McKenzie.

Have a good evening!

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