Today was warmer and partly cloudy. We picnicked at the Yellowstone Grand Canyon after taking pictures of the falls.

Yellowstone Falls viewed from Artist's Point
Yellowstone Falls viewed from Artist’s Point

Then we arrived at our hotel room in the park and discovered we have a view of Yellowstone Lake. We have spent all afternoon and evening gazing at it.

Yellowstone Lake Hotel
Yellowstone Lake Hotel

Well, I also gazed at my photos and processed these for you (and for myself, I’ll admit…so much fun). I took artistic liberties with Sapphire Pool. It’s more pale in reality, but still beautiful. This is in Biscuit Basin, which is right near Old Faithful.

Sapphire Pool in Biscuit Basin (enhanced)
Sapphire Pool in Biscuit Basin (enhanced)

Here is the reporting photo, so you know exactly what Sapphire Pool looks like on a cloudy day.

Sapphire Pool original
Sapphire Pool original

2 thoughts on “Some more of my favorites from Yellowstone National Park

  1. Hello Nina, Keep enjoying this fantastic place and keep sending the wonderful shots! Not only the water appears hot – your words come with a lot of heat, energy, and excitement! A big smile to you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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