Between the sky and the lake, I drank in the color blue today.

Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor also has these fabulous rocks and then the shrubbery and trees. Add black, white, and green to the color scheme, and that’s Sand Harbor, my favorite place at the lake.

Sand Harbor

Sand Habor also has these pale greens in the water as well, over white sand. The water clarity makes you want to swim in the water.

Sand Harbor

The way I took the photos makes it seem as though we had the place to ourselves when in reality, lots and lots of people were celebrating Labor Day by getting into that clear water. I won’t shatter the illusion created by carefully squeezing the people out of the frame via the magic of zoom combined with a bit of waiting and some luck.


I’m looking forward to going back to Sand Harbor in the winter. Now that my interest leans toward photography rather than swimming, winter would be a better time to visit Sand Harbor. It’s interesting how an photography can take you to the same places but with a different emphasis.

After the beach, we drove over Mount Rose Highway, hoping for a vista point. Fortunately, there’s a nice scenic overlook where you can pull over and see above the trees for an aerial view of the lake.

Lake Tahoe from the Scenic Overlook on Mount Rose Highway, Nevada

We met some other tourists there. Funny how everyone asks my Australian friend to take their photo for them instead of asking me. People must have a sense of who is the professional photographer and who is the amateur! Good for them, I say!


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