As you know I’ve submitted a manuscript recently to my publisher. I have to wait a while to see if they say they want this book, which is a bit different from the first book. The tone is more serious because of what is going on in the characters’ lives. At first I started the book with a humorous first chapter. I was trying to make the main character a reformed party animal, but she is pretty serious. I mean, she’s getting her MBA. I have three close writing friends (we call each other critique partners) and they let me know that Cara wasn’t really what I was trying to make her be. Isn’t that strange?

Do you write stories and do you sometimes find that the characters evolve into something completely different than how you conceived of them? Although the departure from my plans resulted in a lot of work, I loved how the book came together in the end.

I’m really hoping that the publishing house (The Wild Rose Press) agrees and offers me a contract. The themes are more serious in this book, and I really like it.

The great thing is that I had a vacation scheduled for September, and the timing worked out well, at least so far. I’m actually hoping not to hear back until I’m done with my vacation! Because I had the vacation planned, I am not sitting around stressing about the book, which is great. This morning I was in Yosemite and took these photos around sunup. I won’t say sunrise because you can’t really see the sunrise in Yosemite Valley, but you can get up early and take photos of the changing light.

The whole experience was thrilling.


This is Stoneman Bridge, which is right near Curry Village, where we stayed.DSC04983

I have to say that some of these woodsy shots were the most enjoyable, just standing in the woods being in nature.DSC04989

You’ll notice smoke in some of these photos. There was a sign at the entrance to Yosemite saying there was a controlled lightning fire and not to report it.DSC04995

I thought the smoke was interesting to photograph.DSC05002

While I was taking this photo there was a squirrel making a racket in one of the trees across the stream. I think he was fighting for territory against a blue jay or something. Things would fall out of the tree and fall in the water. I never saw the animals, but it was fun to be part of their world for a moment.DSC05009 DSC05050

This is a picture I took of my lens cap. I thought it came out kind of well.DSC05061 DSC05068 DSC05074 DSC05077 DSC05080 DSC05084 DSC05088 P1090149 DSC05023

Coming home tonight and working on these photos, especially choosing my favorites, was a lot of fun and a great way to end a very nurturing day.

I’d love to know if you write, whether fiction or nonfiction, and if you have had the experience of the work going in a different direction than you expected it to go?

Also, what do you do to nurture yourself?

8 thoughts on “Nurturing the writer’s soul, visiting Yosemite.

    1. Yes, Yosemite is inspiring, Leanne! I love the way you write. Your words flow, are logical, and put a smile on my face. Your sense of humor and your observations pull me along making it easy to read the whole article.


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  1. I adore your photography. I’m glad you put the submission behind you and went on vacation. We can’t put life on hold while we wait, even though it is nerve wracking. There is nothing like getting out in nature to calm yourself and remind yourself that you have no control over these matters. I’m sure they will contract your story. You’re a great writer, and they have so many lines, I wouldn’t worry about the serious tone. In fact I think it’s great. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Robena! It’s so true about nature. Tomorrow I’ll post some more images from a spectacular and relaxing day in Monterey. Being near the water and the wildlife was so soothing. It’s a big world out there.

      It means a lot to me that you think the serious tone is great. 🙂 Also thank you so much for you encouraging words. They mean a lot to me too.


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