We are lucky to have friends who live in a country town near Burlington Vermont. We would love coming to visit them no matter where they live, but what a treat to visit here. The country life is especially enjoyable after 10 days in New York City. Whew, what a relief to escape the noise! Although New York City has its own special beauty, it is too loud for me.

Driving along the rim of the Champlain Valley, it is very difficult to keep going instead of stopping 40 times to take photos. There was finally a good place to pull over near the town of Vergennes, a lovely country town. Here I was finally able to take a photo of one of the silos that dot the land.

Silo in near Vergennes Vermont
Silo near Vergennes Vermont
An inn Silo in near Vergennes Vermont
An inn near Vergennes Vermont

We arrived at our friends’  house after about a 6 hour journey in time to catch the sunset from their deck. With a glass of beer and my tripod, I took some photos.

Nightfall in Vermont
A country view in Vermont
Nightfall in Vermont
Nightfall in Vermont

The next day we hiked at Mad River Glen, where our friend skis. The photos from the hike are in the gallery below. Some of the fall colors are starting to come in, though they are somewhat hampered by a dry summer. It seems to be dry everywhere these days.

Afterward, we took a detour to look at this hop farm. Micro-breweries are booming in Vermont. In fact, there are now brewery tours in addition to the leaf-viewing tours. Hence growing hops is a new farming trend.

Growing hops for local breweries
Growing hops for local breweries

As I write this, it is Sunday. I am scheduling this post of lots of photos from Friday night and Saturday, and it will show on Monday. On Wednesday I will share the photos from Sunday’s adventures, which we are about to start…think apple picking, fresh cider and cider donuts, walking by Lake Champlain, and finally, sampling some of those micro-brews.

13 thoughts on “Enjoying the last days of vacation in Vermont

    1. Thank you, Ann. We saw even better colors today driving out, but couldn’t stop. There was no safe place to pull over and shoot. I’m glad you enjoyed the ones I did manage to capture.

      I’ll have nice photos for you from around Lake Champlain in a couple days and maybe even one of the eclipse. We had great weather.

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