El Nino has been a benefactor this year, and I am reveling in the snow. Here are some photos from the last few days.

This is an abstract, an idea I picked up from taking photos with Anne Sandler at Slow Shutter Speed. I had fun with it. These are icicles.


The sun disappears early at this time of year and makes this lovely glow from the behind the mountain on its way out.Winterscapes-1

The sun makes its appearance behind the opposite mountain the next day.Winterscapes-3

I appreciate that the sun sets and also rises and that snow blankets our mountains this year.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Appreciating snow

  1. Wonderful shots of the snow, Nia, and I know that you are having a “blast” with this very white season in your area. Keep enjoying the snow! I have on my mind your beautiful smile while you are on the snow. Sunglasses, rosy cheeks and that big 🙂 ! Take care! Fabio
    PS: Have you seen this site? I love it!


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