So I’ve been working all week on the plot for the last of the Cruz sisters’ trilogy. The third one has a mystery plot. It’s a lot of fun, but requires a lot of thinking, and my concentration seems way off. I flit around the project, every time the thinking gets hard, I jump to the internet. I have to keep reminding myself to go back to the work. I don’t know why this is.

Well one of the things about creative writing is that you spend a lot of time with your own mind and discover things about it. I was not happy with this jumping thing. Seems like I need to concentrate and fill in the plot one thing at a time, but I don’t know what to put in all the slots.

This post is sprinkled with unrelated photos, but their very lack of relatedness, relates, because this is the kind of thing I’ve been doing all week, think a little, then do something else.

Lake Tahoe
Oregon, Horsetail Falls

I would read the outline and the guidelines for the classic mystery. Get stuck. Jump to something else. This behavior seemed very unproductive, and I was getting frustrated with myself for not sticking to the plan and concentrating.

Did I share this info graphic with you? This is actually for the book I worked on during NaNo, but which I have set aside to work on the last of the Cruz sisters.

Aesthetics of my novel

Yes, that novel is very outdoorsy, and there are horses.

So here’s what happened when it seemed all I was doing was thinking sideways. Solutions came. I filled these into the outline. It’s sort of like translating vertical motion to circular and therefore useful motion the way a car translates the piston motion to the wheel motion.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you will be having fun.

8 thoughts on “Exploring creativity, sideways thinking

    1. Hi Townsville, I know, the internet causes attention deficit. It’s a real problem. I’m worried my attention span has shrunk. However today I did have good long spell of concentration and did a lot. I’m fighting the gnat brain… Thanks!


  1. I think all effort is good effort, and you have to gather energy before you can spend it. Sometimes you just have to keep on taking a go at it until you find the right road. I can relate to the frustration of fuzzy brain or gnat brain when you want to move forward or have deadlines, though. I’m glad you got going again!

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    1. LOL gnat brain, love it. I concentrated for most of 8 hours yesterday. When I go on the internet and start drifting, in my mind, I shout “What are you doing!” Then go back to my work. I finished a ton of work yesterday AND had a fresh idea for a twist. So concentration and ideas are not mutually exclusive. It felt good to push myself. I think I need to keep doing that do I don’t fritter away precious work time. Thanks, Sheri!

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