After all that, I’m setting aside my work in progress to pursue an opportunity at Harlequin. I’d like to get into Harlequin. I haven’t made a huge effort, I’ve tried a few times, but this year, I’m shooting for it, planning to compete in their So You Think You Can Write Contest in the summer. However another opportunity has come up for their Desire line. So I am setting aside yet another book that I have started to go for this. It requires three chapters and a synopsis by the end of March. Here goes!

Meantime I have some nice new images to share with you. I had not realized how beautiful the coast near me actually is. If it weren’t for photography, I’d be stuck inside all the time and not realizing how totally gorgeous northern California is. Thank goodness for this art form. I went with a very dear friend who is a brilliant artist. Cherryl is also a whole lot of fun and very encouraging.

Here is the loot that I collected, plus a photo my friend took of me. Enjoy!

Bean Hollow last-1Bean Hollow last-2

Bean Hollow-1Bean Hollow -1Bean Hollow -6Bean Hollow favorites-3Bean Hollow -8Bean Hollow favorites-2


On a photo shoot at San Gregorio Beach California Feb 2016 small

I plan to go to a romance reading lunch this weekend, and then hopefully get together with one of my writing friends to discuss outlining. Woo hoo! (LOL) Whereas some people love going to sporting events, these are the kinds of activities that thrill me.

What are you plans this weekend?

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