The planning of the new book is going well. But what you really want to see are the shots from Big Basin State Park where I went on a shoot with my photography friends Anne Sandler and Marlene from Sacramento.

The first thing we learned was the Santa Cruz Mountains have their own weather. It was sunny in Silicon Valley, but it looked like this at a look out near the park.

Big Basin-9

The photo shoot was a wonderful experience. I never felt any pressure, just support and a shared sense of awe and adventure. Plus we shared things. Anne was brilliant at finding fungi.

I discovered faces…do you see them?

Redwood faces 1
Redwood faces too

To me this looked like a sea otter sticking out its tongue.

Redwood faces

We all enjoyed the gorgeous polished redwood burls, and my friends opened my eyes to textures.


Then of course there was the attempt to capture the majesty of the trees.


Big Basin-8Big Basin-7Big Basin-5

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful week!

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