How was your week?

I’ve had my head down working on the new book for the Harlequin call. I have had some exercise as I’m trying to make that a priority again. I’ve written one chapter and exercised three times since Monday. Small steps.

It’s funny with category romance. People look at them and say, oh that’s easy to write. But any book that looks easy to write is only because the writer is very skilled! Harlequin has very clear branding in their different lines. Readers buy them for a consistent experience. Writing to the requirements is challenging. I think I understand the requirements, but there is a matter of coming back again and again to the examples and seeing if the concept I came up with will meet them. I hope it does, but of course I also have to write a book that reflects me. There’s really no point in being someone else! I do believe the book I’m writing does that, so it is win win. I’m gaining more experience by attempting a very exacting type of book, learning more about classic romance, and writing a book that reflects my background and values, my style, or “voice.” At the end of the project, I intend to have a good book, regardless of whether the editors at Harlequin want it.

Hey, I found some more interesting angles from that forest outing. Enjoy! And happy weekend.



6 thoughts on “Some interesting angles from the forest

  1. Happy Weekend to you too, Nicci! And huge good luck with your book! I guess it’s challenging for you, but I have no doubts you will be the best! Pictures are very nice!

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  2. Good to see these photos. I enjoyed the time spent together. Mine are still on my laptop. I am working on how to move them from laptop to desktop with all my editing intact. Kind of messes up one file, and now I will untangle the mess I made, and then try the photos from our 1 mile hike. Soon.

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    1. Thanks Marlene! Now I know how to find you on WordPress too. I can’t wait to see yours. I had so much fun with you. Thanks for including me in an outing with you and the fabulous Anne.

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