On Saturday, a friend invited me to her son’s final Nordic race of the season, at Auburn Ski Club near Boreal Ridge, which is a resort on the summit of Interstate 80. Kids from all over and from all levels of fitness were competing. Families of every origin were there to cheer them on. The front runners were so fast one actually lapped the other kids! The ones who finished last inspired me the most.

ASC race

Off to the races!

Nikolas Racing at ASC-4
Free as a bird…

Have a great week!

11 thoughts on “A wonderful sport for children

  1. A wonderful post where the author positions herself for the underdogs. Great text and two wonderful pictures (#1 is my favorite). One may say that it’s Nia at her best! Thanks so much, my friend! Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

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      1. Nia, Number 1 is a wonderful photo! Could you please send a copy to my e-mail?
        With your permission, I would like to post it on the blog. Please give name of the city and date.
        Everything asked only if you agree with, okay?
        Thanks so much!
        Take care,

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    1. I wouldn’t say I enjoy the cold exactly, I dress for it! The kids have to go out and practice in bad weather though, but it’s different when you’re a kid. I used to do that all the time, then come inside and get warm. Now…I like sunny warm days the most, I have warm clothes, and I don’t have to go out or stay out unless I want to. But I don’t know, you Queenslanders probably wouldn’t like it no matter what! I’m not sure I’ve met a Queenslander skier, but there must be some.


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