I meant to put up pictures today, but I forgot and spent the day writing. I hope you all had a productive week. I can report I’ve written my three chapters for the Harlequin call, now I just have to edit them. That’s a lot easier, so I’m happy about that. Of course then there is the matter of writing the rest of the book! It will happen.

I went out yesterday to ski and the storm is coming in, the one that was to drop zillions of gallons of rain. The snow must be wiped out. The parking lot was a river, and our roof, which I think is more used to snow, leaked. However, I’m not complaining. All that water is going into Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River, and the forests.

I didn’t take my camera with me and the clouds coming in were so beautiful I was desperate to take a photo, enough to use my phone camera. I have a phone that is a lemon when it comes to the phone hardware. It won’t focus properly but most of the bad part of the photo is on the right, so I cropped and clarified a bit and at least I can show you the clouds.

Coming storm-3Coming storm-2Coming storm-1

Have a great weekend.

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