I went a little off course because I became caught up in worry about things I can’t control. Today I rememsky_roadbered a great trick: take a break from the news. I don’t really need to know everything right now. I know enough. When I read the headlines, it is triggering a domino effect of thoughts and feelings that really aren’t helping me or anyone else.

I saw this photo meme going around social media, a picture of a buff woman in a weight lifting situation and the quote was: control your mind and the body will follow. I thought, sure, easy for you to say! LOL! Our minds are a little hard to control. Exercise and routines are healthy, and remembering to do the things you can do and not worry about the rest.I90BFnYh

There’s a lot of intensity in the world right now as we all struggle with all the information, all the chatter, and saturation, especially of distressing things over which we have no control. Then turn it all off.

I took the weekend off from work and played. Remember how to do that?shiJX8AL

Today to get going again, after feeling overwhelmed, I made a list of all the stuff I was supposed to do and forgot about and the things I have to do today. Then I started working through them. If I can’t complete the item because I don’t have something for it, I find a work-around, get in communication with the affected people, and put future To-Do items on my calendar so I won’t forget them again. I’m starting to feel better.

As for writing, here’s the thing about a book. You have to do your best, keep doing your best, then turn it in, let the chips fall where they may, and get to work on the next thing. If the first book doesn’t work out, keep working and sending things out for the opinion of others. That is the only way to get across the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.


I hope you have a good Monday and a great week! See you Friday.

11 thoughts on “Monday blues and what to do about them

  1. You know how to keep things in perspective, and in great balance, Nia! Thanks so much for another great post! Take it easy and have a wonderful week ahead! Hugs! 🙂


  2. Louise Nevelson said, “I live in a world of my own, and it is a much better place.”
    (I threw away my TV in 2006 and listen to great music instead while I draw and dream.
    Louise’s picture is on my wall above her book cover titled: ” Breaking Tradition.” She
    was right.)

    Cherryl Pape

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