My husband I loved this aquarium. I joke that this is really the only way I want to see the life teeming in the sea. If I were snorkeling when encountering all these critters, I’d be terrified! But the aquarium is an atmosphere of such peacefulness, beauty and education that being there is bliss.

Birch Aquarium-1Birch Aquarium-2Birch Aquarium-3Birch Aquarium-5Birch Aquarium-7Birch Aquarium-8Birch Aquarium-9Birch Aquarium-10Birch Aquarium-11Birch Aquarium-12Birch Aquarium-13Birch Aquarium-14

There’s a great room that explains global warming and the effects of too much CO2 in the atmosphere. Photos of the polar ice caps before and after are shocking. The CO2 also goes into the ocean turning it acid. We don’t yet understand the effects of that on wildlife, but they do know that all the animals that form shells need a certain Ph to do that. This information was presented in plain and simple terms.

Birch Aquarium-16

Individuals can do a bit to make ourselves feel better, but we really need a massive overhaul as we all know. Fortunately there are people and governments working on the issue. Let’s hope the humans’ ability to cooperate, which is what allowed us to get so far, will help us solve this problem in time. I don’t think ocean health is an optional thing, a nice-to-have. I’m pretty sure how they go, we go.

There’s a gorgeous outdoor area at the aquarium.

Birch Aquarium outdoors-2

Here’s hoping you have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Birch Aquarium San Diego

  1. What a photo wonderfully taken and surprisingly clear shot through the glass. Thanks for sharing not only the beauty behind the glass but the information you learned in your visit. Global warming – very, very scary thing.

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    1. Thanks, Stacy! I’m glad you like that image because it’s one of my favorites (assuming you mean the seaweed/kelp one). I am going to print it and put it together with more watery shots to hang in the bathroom. I’m glad you appreciated my sharing about that. I thought it was very accessibly presented. I hope we get it together in time to save the oceans. We do a lot of driving personally too so I hope they come up with a good snow worthy hybrid or electric when it’s time to replace our car. Be part of the solution….


    1. Awesome!! Love Scripps ocean institute. They do important work, research and education. We need this science now more than ever. That’s cool about seeing your home turf through my eyes. I have a lot more photography I want to do in La Jolla, but it will have to wait. Vacation is over. Thanks, Cindy.


    1. Thank you, Leanne. I love to hear I did good. I’ll tell you, I took about 300 and 12 worked out…

      We are running out of time to save the reefs. I hope someone comes up with something brilliant. I met someone working on a technology to pull the carbon out of the air…wouldn’t that be nice?


    1. Thanks, Anne! I took 300. These are the ones that turned out. LOL! The feature one is going in my Photography page though. I really like it for some reason. It’s super watery, I guess that’s why. Thanks for commenting.


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