We arrived in the mountains just in time to snap a few photos of autumn colors.


I’ve signed on for a higher level of volunteer work for my Romance Writer’s of America chapter. I’ll be turning over one or two other duties to take on a board position. I think it’s healthy in volunteer organizations to have some turnover of duties. I was doing the website maintenance and it looks like another member is willing to take that on. It will be interesting to see what she does with it. Also to see if my procedures make sense. I’ll find that out soon enough. Nothing like having someone use your procedures to find out what’s unclear.


Visiting up here in the mountains is special to me because I grew up here. I have very strong connections to place. It’s almost physical. Occasionally I’ll travel somewhere and feel I need to go back, but my strongest bonds are to the Sierra mountains around Lake Tahoe. I have friends I grew up with who feel the same — and they live here full time. It’s nice to see them  and reminisce.


As for “work,” I’m making progress on the planning stages of the sequel to the novella that is on submission. I’ve decided to plan for one complete book rather than a trilogy as I thought. There will be an opening for further books should the first two prove popular.


I’m planning to finish the planning…LOL…in October so I can write a fast draft of the novel during National Novel Writing Month (NaNo). Are you doing NaNo? If so, find me as a buddy if you like.


What do you look forward to doing, enjoying or accomplishing this week?

No matter what you are planning to do, I hope you have a good week with good health.

4 thoughts on “Fall colors

      1. I started out by telling myself what to write. Working on some backstory. But they are new words, so seem to count in the spirit of NaNo productiveness. I was definitely creative and in the first 500 words discovered some very important connections to strengthen my series arc. Happy writing!

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      2. Great job! I’m not done with plotting and character portfolio but I started anyway and managed a hundred words. I hope to do more today. Have a great day!

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