Happy Friday locals and happy Saturday to my faraway timezone friends. This morning I actually went out to take photos. I dreamed of doing sunset photos of San Francisco for you yesterday, but house projects kept us at home. I like downtown Campbell so much you’d think, why don’t I just move there! Well, it’s not too far, so I can enjoy it easily, and now you can too.


I appreciate the care the town has taken for its historic district, especially  when so much building is going on to squeeze more and more stuff into the area.

I’m also impressed by the flowers. I don’t plant many flowers, but they really beautify. At least we can enjoy the effort of others!


Have a fabulous weekend, and see you on Monday.

5 thoughts on “Good morning Campbell

  1. You have a fabulous weekend too Nicci. I love flowers too, I’ve been spending time in my garden trying to get it looking nice for flowers, but it has been neglected for so long that it going to take a while. This place looks amazing, look at those houses.

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      1. LOL! I know, photographing them…that’s the real passion, not gardening…shh, don’t tell.

        New roof, exterior paint, smothering former lawn with plastic and covering with pretty mulch. The latter will reduce the yard work somewhat, then we’ll just have to cope with the trees and shrubs. I’m actually trying to reduce work. But I do have some petunias in pots. The didn’t do well this year though. We have a lot of bunnies now who are doing well, so maybe that’s why the petunias didn’t do so well, LOL.

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