I went out to get you some new photos of this gorgeous state beach.


The winds were really high. My  hair needs to be cut because it kept blowing in front of the lens, even the telephoto lens! Thanks to my hair, I was partly blind, and stepped into a bit of wet sand in one of the tide pools. I sank all the way up to my ankles. I’ll be cleaning out the car for a while and the sneakers need a wash.bean-hollow-december-2

I took my Christmas present out for a spin, the ND filter. It was pretty chaotic between not knowing what I was doing, and extremely high winds. I managed a few good shots, not necessarily with the filter.bean-hollow-december-3

The light! Oh, it was so pretty.


When I came home to process I was surprised to see a hexagonal flare in a lot of the photos. Googled it, apparently it’s the aperture which can show up when there’s an intense source of light. That has never happened to me before, and it happened on both lenses. I am not showing any of those. I was able to crop them out of the next two images.



In terms of composition, this isn’t much but it is one of my favorites. I added a little vignette which I think helped the composition a lot, but it’s still just waves. But I love those waves!


Again, the sunlight was so soft on these rocks.bean-hollow-december-8

This was my other favorite: bean-hollow-december-9

A last one with that sunset light starting to add pink to the water.bean-hollow-december-10

I’ll have a few more from Bean Hollow and from San Gregorio State Beach on Monday. The wind kept away all the campfires, so the air was clear. We had a few clouds from the last storm. I love winter photography so far.

Have a nice weekend.

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