You like tomato and I like tomahto…

I’m having a blast with my Australian photographer friend who is visiting, so even though I like tomato and she likes tomahto, we’re definitely calling the calling off off. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m quoting this song.)

Not only is my husband a foodie and a great cook, he’s passionate about growing food. His garden suffered this year from our being a little too tight with watering because of the drought restrictions. It’s tricky to get that drip watering to come out just right. We think the veggie garden needed a bit more. While we didn’t get the bumper crop that we had last year, we did get enough to can some tomatoes to be enjoyed this winter.


You have to look closely at the jar on the right, but if you do, you can see the bubbles rising. That jar just came out of the pressure cooker. It was hot! I needed to set it on a pot holder.


Tonight we are going to enjoy some zucchini. Again, not the usual bumper crop, but the plant has come back to life and delivered a couple nice squash. Eggplant thrived this year, so we’ll have plenty of those tonight.

I know Saturday isn’t one of my blogging days, but I might be doing more posts over the next month as I’m on an extended photography and travel blitz with my friend. We’ll consider Monday, Wednesday, Friday the minimum I’ll blog. There will be a lot of extra credit because I’m excited to share photos with you as I process them.

I’ve learned some about composing pictures during a photo shoot and after, in Lightroom. I’ve bitten the bullet and subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, having learned that Lightroom is very good for someone like me who doesn’t have much time to devote to processing pictures. (I took a Photoshop class, which I loved, but haven’t had time to practice much.)

One of the things I am learning from my new and old photographer friends is how fun and nurturing this hobby is. I am finding that it is a great way to help me reduce the stress from writing. Yes, writing causes me stress. I know that sounds weird, that my passion would cause stress, but sometimes it does.

Photography, by contrast, is pure joy. I’m so excited to realize it’s good for me and to embrace the hobby. I’ve always taken zillions of photos, as you know, but what will be new is taking the time to play with developing photos, to learn more, to go out on photo shoots, and to meet up with other photographers.

Thankfully, I already have a blog where I can post my photos. I really appreciate your time and interest in taking a look. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.