10 (bridges and buildings) reasons to love Manhattan.

City center, note archway for cars to pass through.

Manhattan Downtown

On the steps of City Hall:

Nia on the steps of city hall

World Trade Center from Brooklyn Bridge.

World Trade Center from Brooklyn Bridge Nia

Empire State Building (tallest building by my right shoulder) from Brooklyn Bridge.

Nia with Empire State Building

Statue of Liberty (tiny line by my right elbow) from Brooklyn Heights.

Promenade Statue of Liberty Nia

Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry (which is free):

Day 19 050 Day 19 046 Lisa and Nia Liberty Day 19 048 A

Verrazano Bridge, glimpsing the ocean beyond the harbor.

Day 19 052 A

The old ferry building,

Day 19 056 A

now in disuse.

Day 19 058