A walk in La Jolla California

I’m answering the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge issued by Susie Lindau! http://susielindau.com/2015/06/08/join-the-wild-rider-fitness-challenge/

Here are some photos I took on our walk in La Jolla. First, the evidence that I was actually outside, a key part of the challenge.

Nicci on a walk in La Jolla
Nicci on a walk in La Jolla

Look at that pale writer’s face!

My husband posed for a shot on the beach where we walked for a while.

Walking on the beach

Later we walked around the neighborhoods of La Jolla and Bird Rock. Some houses are grand, and some are quaint. I dreamed of living on this street:

Belvedere Street
Belvedere Street

And here is the end of our walk.

Night walk

Just kidding! We did go for several walks a day, though, because it was easier than getting in the car to go do errands.

Christmas in La Jolla

Due to my husband’s cat allergies we had to abandon staying with family and flee to:

SONY DSCThese palm trees! They worked really hard to decorate them all.



On our way to the hotel we saw a woman out working on the Christmas decorations in her yard. She already had lights and decor galore. But she was adding more! She looked so happy, pulling things out of bags and smiling.

I never used to pay attention to Christmas decorations. This year, inspired by Leanne Cole’s challenge, I am paying attention. The decorations add beauty to the month of course but it is the spirit behind the decorations that inspires me. From the effort people put into decorating their homes, to the efforts of companies like the Hyatt and The Georgian Hotel, to the efforts of cities like Melbourne, all the work has a personal feel. People work really hard to make these decorations! And the result is a feeling of connection, of a shared season.