Natural Bridges State Beach

I made it to this beach this week to try out my filter on the ocean. I did better but need to speed up the shutter more and make sure I don’t accidentally change the focal length to wide angle. A lot didn’t turn out,  but I did get the feature image with the filter and kind of like that. Of course it would have been better a bit faster, but it’s a start.


I would have had more but I made a couple mistakes. I moved the focal length without realizing it and the filter doesn’t work with the wide angle. I shot a ton at 16mm and that triggered the vignetting. The other mistake was not trying some other shutter speeds. I needed a faster shutter. Next time I will do that.

I also forgot my tripod, but I recovered from that because I have a sturdy mini tripod and that was better anyway as I wanted to be as close to the ground as possible. So actually I learned to use the tiny tripod for my wide angle shots.

The feature shot is not wide angle or filter but shows the natural bridges, which I thought was important!  Those are pelicans up there on top of the rock.


Here you can see those pelicans more clearly.


The tide pools were amazing.


I loved how healthy and green the anemones were.


Are you gearing up for the new year? I am, with a new very different set of goals. I’m going to try writing straight fiction, not genre, (except when I’m taking a break, if I have time). That’s a big change for me, but I’m excited. My goal is to concentrate on short stories this year. I don’t have a number in mind as I have no idea how long they will take. I’m hoping for four, and submitting them all places.

I hope you have a nice remaining holiday if you are on break or just a nice weekend.