I made it to this beach this week to try out my filter on the ocean. I did better but need to speed up the shutter more and make sure I don’t accidentally change the focal length to wide angle. A lot didn’t turn out,  but I did get the feature image with the filter and kind of like that. Of course it would have been better a bit faster, but it’s a start.


I would have had more but I made a couple mistakes. I moved the focal length without realizing it and the filter doesn’t work with the wide angle. I shot a ton at 16mm and that triggered the vignetting. The other mistake was not trying some other shutter speeds. I needed a faster shutter. Next time I will do that.

I also forgot my tripod, but I recovered from that because I have a sturdy mini tripod and that was better anyway as I wanted to be as close to the ground as possible. So actually I learned to use the tiny tripod for my wide angle shots.

The feature shot is not wide angle or filter but shows the natural bridges, which I thought was important!  Those are pelicans up there on top of the rock.


Here you can see those pelicans more clearly.


The tide pools were amazing.


I loved how healthy and green the anemones were.


Are you gearing up for the new year? I am, with a new very different set of goals. I’m going to try writing straight fiction, not genre, (except when I’m taking a break, if I have time). That’s a big change for me, but I’m excited. My goal is to concentrate on short stories this year. I don’t have a number in mind as I have no idea how long they will take. I’m hoping for four, and submitting them all places.

I hope you have a nice remaining holiday if you are on break or just a nice weekend.

4 thoughts on “Natural Bridges State Beach

  1. Nice pictures Nicci. It takes a few time to learn how to use the ND filter. Sounds like you bought a similar filter to the one I have. I don’t have the vignetting problem because I bought an ND filter to fit my largest lens and step down rings for the others. I’m now starting to use it when I’m out in bright sun. Have fun with it.

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