I’m doing this post from my phone even though I took the photos with the DSLR and put them on my computer.  I actually went to all the trouble of emailing them to myself so I could access them from my phone…all so I could use Instaframe. I think it was faster than doing a collage in GIMP, but I’m not sure!

Now I’m updating this because on my computer I can see that the trees are really cut off! So here they are in full.



Oh well. If you never try anything new, you’ll never learn anything new!

#Giveaway Monday

Good morning, and happy Giveaway Monday. Here is a free cookbook with simple recipes:

The 2014 Quick & Easy Holiday Garden Gourmet

NOTE: I just found out that the above link, which is

is not working from mobile devices. I’ve contacted the publisher about this technical glitch, and I’ve asked for permission to email a PDF. If you are interested in getting that PDF sent to you by email so you can download it on your mobile device, please leave a comment below. I will email you the book.

If you click the link from a non-mobile device (a computer), it will work.

Okay, back to the cookbook. Itis not all holiday recipes, mostly not, actually. Here’s what’s in this book:

  • Crockpot Recipes
  • No Bake Recipes
  • One Pot Recipes
  • 5 or Less Ingredient Recipes
  • 30 Minute or Less Recipes

I just downloaded it. This book was put together by authors at The Wild Rose Press. Writers are always looking for shortcuts to cooking so we can spend more time writing, hence they are the perfect go-to folks for easy recipes. Here are the ones I’m going to try: Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese, Emily Darling’s Lentil Soup, Linguine with Garlic and Prosciutto, and Stracciatella Soup.

There are also book covers from the authors, so you can get a sampling of good books to read too.

On Saturday I went to the library for a meet up. I was fascinated by these shadows, so I took a shot with my phone and fiddled with it a bit using Snapseed (a free download for your Android or iPhone).


Portrait of a friend

Yesterday I talked about the phone not being as good outdoors, but being good indoors for portraits. I said I would show you a picture today, and here it is.


However, I did have to tweak the brightness and contrast, which I rarely have to do with the DSLR. I can say without a doubt that the phone is a lot better for candid unobtrusive shots. It’s not like one wants to have a huge camera around one’s neck when socializing!

On the above picture, I adjusted the brightness minus 29 and the contrast plus 10, but here is the shot with auto white balance. It’s not as subtle an adjustment, but possibly it is better.

Portrait 2

I’m using the camera that came with the phone. I’m going to try downloading a different camera. The specific problem I’m having is over-exposure.

That said, I really love this shot of my friend, and I wouldn’t have it were it not for my phone.

It occurred to me this would make a great painting.


I really love what the painting software did with the colors.

Shadows and light

The sunlight was gorgeous on this tree.


I was using my new Android phone. Not thrilled with the outcome as the shots took a lot of editing and still don’t look as good as the DSLR. That’s fine, though. I have noticed the phone camera is pretty good with indoor portraits. If my friend lets me, I’ll post the portrait tomorrow.


I do like the Snapseed possibilities, though.

Trees-in- shadow

Okay, I’m off to write! And Edit!

Have a great Tuesday.


The roses are back!

Another year has passed, and the roses are starting to come back. I took most of my macros last year during the spring, April, I think. Laurie Smith helped me learn a lot about photography last year, and my husband showed me how to use the camera a bit more. I’m glad to be back to using my DSLR and trying all these things. The Panasonic point and shoot is awesome but was stifling my love of photography for some reason. Now I often pack both cameras with me. I have a sense of which camera is better for which situation.


The main thing I’m always trying to do is blur the background because I think that looks really nice. I took several shots and the above one is my favorite.