Skiing alone is a joy. Totally unfettered by the needs or desires of others.

Hubby laid up by previous day’s parking-lot fall. Good wife would stay home giving TLC. Bad wife went skiing. Good hubby totally supportive! Wife not worthy…

Alpine Meadows 1/5/13. (38 degrees Fahrenheit, sun mixed storm front, on little girls, old Rossie Mach 2s about 50 or 60 centimeters underfoot? Old but quick.)

  • Wolverine Bowl – sweet, easy.
  • Waterfall – bumps like volkswagons.
  • Lower 3 Sisters – good bumps.
  • Pete’s Peril – steep, sweet.
  • Palisades – terrifying (needed big girls… Volkyl Aura/Aurora? 162 underfoot).
  • Lower Our Father – Lord’s Prayer not enough, too big. Go skier’s-far-right.
  • Counterweight Gully – scary thrill, sweet on skier’s left. Skied like a dork. Searching for video of good run here from previous season.

All info obsolete by the time you read it.

Moment skis are in.

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