Tips for using GIMP follow today’s photos.

Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley)

Peru and Easter Island 045

From the road leading out of Cusco, heading to the Urubamba Valley:

Peru and Easter Island 360

Peru and Easter Island 355

Machu Picchu:

Peru and Easter Island 248

Peru and Easter Island 313Peru and Easter Island 312 Peru and Easter Island 252 Peru and Easter Island 356

What GIMP makes easy in photo editing, it makes up for by making very basic operations complicated. To scale down the image size for faster loading on the Web, use the Image menu: Image->Scale Image then enter 1000 in the Image Size, Width box. Click Scale.

To save the image as a jpeg, use the File menu and the Export menu. In the bottom left corner of the Export menu, just above the Help button, there is Select File Type (by extension). Expand that menu, scroll down and select JPEG image, then click Export. The first time you export as jpg, set the quality in the Export menu to 100% and click Save default. 

Saving: The default save is as a GIMP file. Don’t bother with that unless you’re going to work on it again later and want to save what you did. It is a huge file and you can’t use it for anything except GIMP, so move on. When you close the file, it will warn you that you made changes without saving; it is referring to the GIMP file. From the File menu, select Close, then click Close without saving

Cropping is also hard to find because it doesn’t have the usual symbol and is buried. Cropping is under the Tools menu.  To crop a photo: Tools->Transform Tools->Crop.

For instructions on easily enhancing your photos with GIMP and on downloading this free, open-source software, go here: What blooms in March, Saratoga.

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