This photo of Lilies is out of focus, but this masterpiece is the first thing you see when you enter the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The close ups came out better and show the brush strokes. The explanation is handy. The Van Gogh Museum does an outstanding job explaining every aspect of Van Gogh, including the science of studying and verifying his paintings. His influences are interesting as well. This museum makes a lot of knowledge accessible.

Irises by Van Gogh


Close up of Irises by Van Gogh
Close up of Irises by Van Gogh
Reproduction sof Van Gogh's palette for The Irises
Reproduction of Van Gogh’s palette for The Irises
Close up of Irises by Van Gogh 2
Close up of Irises by Van Gogh 2

4 thoughts on “Purples of Amsterdam

    1. Yes, really amazing. The thing I love about real life is you can get in close and see the brush strokes and texture. I thought it was interesting that the description said the reds had faded out of the purple leaving just blue. My mom always warned us about sunlight fading out the reds and she covered her art collection with dish rags! So she had a house full of hanging dish rags when she got older. But now I’m glad I have some pieces that still have their reds, and I pay attention to the sunlight hitting them.


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