Nia in Dutch Clogs

My husband is the king of patience, putting up with the taking of 1600 photos while on vacation, an average of one every 6 minutes for 8 hours a day. He took the above photo 4 times, letting me check the result each time. True, the last photo was the last time, but one does eventually have to set a limit.

Nia at the entry

10 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my husband: Keukenhof Gardens May 2013 series, 4

    1. Thanks, Tracey. It’s always nice when someone notices when I’m wearing nice shoes. 😉

      Turns out we have a Dutch neighbor right here in California who wears wooden clogs to do yard work!


  1. You’ll leave behind a large pair of shoes to fill Nia. You even make the tulips pale into insignificance. 🙂


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